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Playing at any local or internet casino is one way to pass time.

You will encounter different gamblers who enjoy certain casino games. Each individual has different reasons as to why they gamble and find it entertaining.

Players have a certain casino game they prefer. Some would choose to play nothing else but one game while others are diverse and explore the casino kingdom. There are no right or wrong ways to play, no rules on what to do in a casino. Good for you, casinos give many options from Caribbean stud poker, baccarat, roulette, and many more.

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Now, you may be thinking “building my own casino empire sounds like a great plan!” but how do you start?

There is a small list of online casinos that have become successful throughout the years but the majority closed down due to several reasons. Here are some of it:

  • Cannot handle the demand and expectations of customers,
  • Market supply and demand is not in par,
  • Not permitted or licensed casino business, and
  • Inability to pay government taxes.

These are some of the reasons why online casinos get taken down. If you are considering opening up your own gambling den, then there’s more to it than simple game developments and advertisements.

The Struggle of Start-up Businesses

Casinos in Canada, or in any country for that matter, has had struggles to make their businesses flourish. Business marketing is one of the hardest jobs in the world, you need to juggle on maintaining your business authenticity and making sure that everything is running smoothly.

Fun fact: Most small businesses falter in the first few years on the start-ups. That is why you need to have reliable advisers and sources which will debate on the different options bestowed on you. With that said, what are the problems you’ll likely face?

There are five factors you should consider creating a successful and engaging online casino.

  • Building a Name

Successful online casino sites have one thing in common, a catchy phrase and great team. Creating a name for your casino will take time, there’s no rush in this process. When it feels right for you, it’ll be easier to execute the logo and theme of the business.

The hard part is, forming a team of talented employees. Let’s face it, creating your own business which focuses on giving services to thousands (possibly millions) of people, will struggle when only one or two people are behind the wheels.

If you’re a small business, having a team of 10 to 15 people seems an ideal way to start up your company right.

  • Creating Products and Services

Branding, being able to make your casino stand out from the rest means you should have a unique and eye-catching approach. You may use the means of public relations, blogging, or graphic design to make potential customers consider your online casino.

Just because you want something in your business, doesn’t mean the clients will like it. Instead of considering what YOU want, think what other customers will want/expect to see.

  • Gaining Customers

The most trusted online casinos are realistic when it comes to gaining customers. “Oh, population rate all over the world is quite high. So, you won’t have a problem finding customers, right? WRONG!” Not everyone will be interested in the services you offer.

How will you fix this? Using the word of mouth – a form of communication will aid you to find the right clients. You should know the target customers and how you’ll be able to achieve this. From the age range to the country you’ll focus on, are some factors you need to consider.

  • Approval of Legal Certifications

You have a business name, logo, a perfect team, and target audience. But your online casino won’t be possible without the necessary licensures from your city. There will be a process for you to fill up and complete in order for your business to be approved!

Take note, make sure not to leave out any important information on your documents or else the process will take twice as long!

  • Maintaining Popularity

How many casinos in Canada are you aware of? How many are still as popular as before? Maintaining your business sales and revenues is a must to keep it going. If there comes a time that your online casino has a high popularity rate, don’t stop advertising and selling it.

Because just like any successful business, it can crash to the bottom in just one swipe. One mistake can make every sweat and hard work turn to nothing. Being up to date on the trends is a must for every business.

Now that you’re aware of the important factors to consider, what are your thoughts? Are you still up for the challenge? Well, it doesn’t stop there!

Crisis and its’ Solutions

The crisis will never end once you have your own business, especially in online casinos. Studies have found that trusted online casinos still encounter problems on system failures.

There is an 80-90% chance that your systems fail due to human error or mediocre set-up processes. It will most likely lead to financial loss of the organization which then, affects the overall performance of employees and satisfaction-level of customers.

In the case of online casinos, it is open 24/7 so system failures should be completely avoided. Does this mean a professional information technology personnel should monitor the system all day long? Not quite.

There is an Emergency Notification System that can solve certain problems even before the business is affected. This aims to detect incidents and errors by monitoring potential impact parameters. It reduces panic crisis in the organization by notifying the appointed specialist before the event exceeds the error threshold.

Canadian gambling sites have three types of systems to avoid such dilemmas, these are:

  • Emergency Notification System

Once it is set-up, it has the ability to filter and expose events that may be harmful to your employees. In cases of crisis such as hacks and inaccessible pages or unloadable games, this system will surely notify you before it worsens.

The aim of this is to alert people to dangers that may fall before them in order to reduce the loss of income in the business.

  • Mass Notification System

With that said, it’s possible to send notifications to multiple channels such as social media sites, email, voice alerts, websites, texts, and so much more. Other than that, the information you send can be sent through multiple languages and in a wide coverage.

Do you want a safe online casino? Well, Mass Notification System will make sure of it. So, once your system detects an abnormal behavior it can be sent to your employees. In turn, you will have an opportunity to solve the problem before it reaches the customers.

  • IT Alerting System

The most well-known future to date is the ability to detect early problems in the IT field. It can securely keep confidential information about your business and the data of your clients. While maintaining its’high-quality performance every minute.

There is an online casino list that uses this system because it does not only aid you to follow the normal protocol on the data privacy act. But, it aims to update your database and monitor the performance of each system in your organization.

Data Privacy Act: The Effect on Online Casinos

Canadian online casinos specifically focus on bringing the fun and entertainment to its’ clients. You’ll no longer have to wait in line to take turns and use a roulette or any casino games in a land-based gambling den.

The Data Privacy Act is vital for any businesses that obtain data from its’ consumers in any countries. Since online casinos are diverse and can be used by people all over the world (depends on where the company focuses on), the data obtained should be given much protection.

Now, even if you’ll create your casino that isn’t in a European country. You need to consider where your clients are from. If they’re either in the United Kingdom and British Virgin Islands, you should follow the strict statutes of the GDPR Law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation.

Your clients in the online gambling aren’t from any European countries? Well, you should still be wary of each countries data privacy act and make sure you follow it. These acts mainly focus on letting the consumers’ have the right to know where and how their personal data is being used by the company.

In the law, it presents the consumers’ rights to have the accessibility to their data, to erase these data if they find it unfit/misused by the company. The company should also document the ones’ using the data of consumers from the contact details for the purpose of obtaining the said data. If data breach has occurred, the company should report these to the authority figures within 72 hours. When the data breach is found fatal or high risk from the users, the company should notify its customers immediately.

In the online gambling in Canada, you will need certain data to transact with customers. The kind of data that are applied to the data privacy act are:

  • Personal Data (name, address, birthday, etc.)
  • IT Data (location, IP address, etc.)
  • Biometric Data
  • HIPAA and Genetic Data
  • Ethnicity/Racial Data
  • Politics/Interests

Companies who do not comply will more likely pay a penalty of more than 15 million euros. The most affected industries in this law are online retailers, software companies, and financial industries.

How to adapt the Data Privacy Act to your casino?

  • Inform and establish a department

It is important for the employees to be informed of the misuse of consumer’s personal data. Discuss the effect of bad conduct when using the data of users and to create a team which will mainly focus on following this law.

  • Obtaining Data

For example, the Canadian online gambling collects data. But before collecting data, you should have a consent form (letting consumers know that their cookies, IP address, and other information will be recorded). In the consent form, it should also notify the age bracket of those who can use the website.

  • Update and Maintain the database

Follow the step-by-step procedure which the law stresses such as the timeline and purpose of obtaining the data to the person accessing the data and more. Finally, it is important to be informed about new regulations and apply this to your policy.


The success of Canadian Casino Sites is dependable to two factors:

  • Consumer’s Trust

Once you have given the policies of your online casino, follow and take your word, the gambler’s will soon trust your capabilities. Now, it won’t be easy. Since there are online casinos who scam customers, you’ll encounter those who are wary of your services.

As long as you’re following what you promise them and apply your own rules such as don’t steal and hack – your business will flourish.

  • Equilibrium Market

The supply and demand should be distributed equally. Take note, it’s better to have more demand than more products/services. More demand will show how important your services are to your customers.

The best way to create a rewards casino, you should consider using the IT Alerting System. Besides the fact that it notifies you of any outside crisis, this also gives importance to what is happening inside the organization (such as the systems, hacks, data, etc).

When an abnormal activity is found, this will come to your aid, it is a type of preventive measure to detect and signal updates to the organization. In most cases, problems or system failures are the main reason why a company comes to a financial crisis. This will be a preventive measure, in order to avoid this from happening. How? by setting up alert thresholds and planning solutions before an error occurs!

With that said, a casino in Canada is different from the rest of the ones in the industry. It has been found that casinos originating from this country are the most trustable online gambling all over the world. Why? Because the founders are true to their word!