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This refers to the network name that operates about 29 online casinos. Those who join any of these online casinos will become a member of the rewards program. It is akin to an umbrella that is cast over the brands of the member casinos. Customers have assured the highest casino experience of a trusted name in the industry.

How does a person become a member of Casino Rewards casino?

The process is an easy one. There is a list of the member casinos that are part of the Casino Rewards program from which one can choose.

Casinos are easy to become members, either through the casino software downloaded, on mobile devices or in-browser play.


This option allows one to play at a casino of their choice.

There are several benefits to enjoy such as 550 games, HD graphics to enjoy, sound effects of top quality, easy access to promotions like Time Of Your Life Sweepstakes and others.


Players can play on a tablet or mobile devices. The benefits are that the choices range to about 150 games that include features of the Casino Rewards program as well.

What are the features of Casino Rewards Account?

Anyone can join one among the 29 casinos online that are part of the Casino Rewards program where they will gain an account. This account is linked to any other casino that you join that is part of this list of online casinos. It becomes a central account where all your points and bonus money will accumulate.

It is a free program to join, and there are sign up bonuses that one can take advantage of at any of the member casinos. Wagering also rewards VIP points at certain casinos.

How are VIP points earned?

Wagering earns VIP points. These are also earned from email promotions that are sent to inboxes even. These could be casino credits for playing different games at any of the listed casinos on the list of member casinos. The points do not expire, and one can claim them anytime for playing for free. VIP points are also earned when you use bonus credits.

How to increase VIP Points?

This depends upon the currency used and game type.

  • Slots - 1.0
  • Video Poker – 0.1
  • Roulette – 0.5
  • Table Games – 0.5

There the amount refers to VIP points earned for every 10USD that is wagered.

How to check the balance of VIP Points?

This can be done in two ways:

Log into the casino lobby where you will find the tab of Casino Rewards.

Promotions button on the mobile or tablet applications.

How to redeem VIP points?

When you have accumulated about 1000 VIP points and more, these can be redeemed for casino credits.

The process to be followed:

On the casino website account or the downloaded software, you will find redemption option under the Casino Rewards tab.

On mobile or tablet applications the promotions page has a redemption option.

How long do I wait to see the bonus credits in my account?

The credits show up in your account from five minutes to 2 hours.

What is the Casino Rewards loyalty program all about?

This is an airline loyalty program that rewards you for loyalty. Those who play frequently get higher statuses in this program. More benefits are offered to such players.

How are status points in the loyalty program earned?

Players earn both Casino Rewards status points and VIP points by wagering on any of the member casinos of the program. 50 VIP Points are equivalent to 1 Status Point. This, in turn, determines the status level in the loyalty program.

How to increase rankings in the casino rewards loyalty program?

It is simple to increase status levels, which can be done by playing more often. The status level remains the same even if you play at different member casinos which means the benefits are the same.

A new status level acquired will remain the same for a month as well as the next month. However, the status level needs to be maintained to move up.

Once you reach a new Status Level, you are guaranteed to stay there for the rest of the current month, as well as the next calendar month. Following this, you will need to maintain your Status Level, or you could fall to a lower one.

Status points and levels are:

  • Diamond
  • 401 maintained at 200 points every month.
  • Platinum
  • 201 maintained at 100 points every month.
  • Gold
  • 81 maintained at 40 points every month.
  • Silver
  • 6 maintained at 4 points every month.
  • Bronze
  • 1 maintained at 1 point every month.

What can I earn by playing regularly?

Members of Casino Rewards program become eligible for weekly promotions that increase their status levels. You also become eligible for the VIP lucky Jackpot every 8 hours as well as earn tickets for lifetime prizes as well as Time of Your Life Sweepstakes.

How does a user's claim offer on sign up?

Sign up offer is easy to claim upon making the first deposit. Sign up bonus gets credited to your casino account after that.

What are the methods to make deposits?

  • Step 1
  • Purchase casino credits from Casino ATM.
  • Step 2
  • Choose a method for making deposits such as by credit card or any other deposit method.
  • Step 3
  • Register payment details on casino software when you register a new account.

Issues can be handled by reaching for our 24/7 live assistance.

What are the withdrawal methods?


Place bets to convert bonus money in your account to cash, which should be 30 times the bonus amount.

Casino minimum withdrawal limits are €300 for wire/DBT and €50 for all other methods. The funds withdrawn remain pending for 2 days during which time the process can be reversed.

The casino software interface has Withdrawal tab under the Bank button; the timeframe for withdrawing funds to be processed can span 3 to 10 working days, depending on the withdrawal procedure you opt for.

How do I stay updated on all email promotions?

Ensure that you keep all communication from the Casino Rewards network marked under your safe list.

How to unsubscribe?

All our mailers have “unsubscribe” link provided at the bottom, which you can click upon. Changes will apply after 24 hours.

Technical problems

Problem loading games

You can contact the live chat room for assistance.

Login problems

Seek help at the live chat feature or click on the link for resetting your account password.